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I have been a customer of TBF Enterprises since 2000 and I highly recommend their services. They not only process all our warranty claims but they post our paid memo statement and reconcile our receivable schedule. The employees are easy to work with and always willing to help. In the past I have used them at Nissan, VW, Honda and Acura dealerships.

Frank Barsamela | Service Manager | Marty Franich – Chrysler Dodge Jeep

I have been using TBF Enterprises for 4 years at a large Toyota store and now currently at Gregg Young Chevrolet. They do all of our coding, posting, and schedule reconciliation on a daily basis. They are an absolute pleasure to work with; they are extremely diligent about accuracy and keep up to date on all warranty changes. Our warranty receivables have been under 30 days every month since they took over. Kristin is our representative for coding and she is a one stop source of all GM warranty knowledge. Our technicians and service consultants call her daily with questions and she is always there to help. If you are looking for a company to handle every aspect of your warranty receivables, I strongly recommend calling TBF Enterprises.

Bradley J. Lillie | Fixed Operations Director | Gregg Young Chevrolet

TBF Enterprises is exceptionally quick with their response time on all the claim activity.They have a thorough knowledge on claim submission protocol that helps the claim get paid in a timely manner and maximizes the dollar amount received on each job.

Bryan Hall | Service Manager | Brookings Auto Mall

We started working with TBF Jupiter in October of 2021. One of the first changes that I noticed was how quickly our claims were processed, pre-validated, submitted, and paid. I had never seen this process take place so quickly for an entire list of claims. The one-on-one interaction with our claims administrator is tailored to our needs, she is always available for questions/concerns, and I never have to remind her that payroll or month end is near. Our DAS report has gone from bouncing in and out of achievement to every month we are in the achievement status and our first time through is always above 95%. Our pricing structure is perfect for our size Dealership and claims quantity. I could not be happier with the performance of TBF. Most importantly our factory receivable metric is the best in our entire 20-group………

Rich Landman | Service Manager | Warren Midtown Motors

I would like to thank everyone at Jupiter Warranty for all their help over the past year. They have been a great asset to the Fladeboe Automotive Group. Their service is always quick and accurate. Especially Kristin Toon who does my General Motor warranty claims. She consistently catches errors and such in our paperwork, notifies me by phone, e-mails, and gets our claims paid in a timely manner. She has always been available when I have questions regarding any claims or how we should be submitting them, everything from flag times, add on repairs, op-codes, etc… She has saved the Fladeboe Automotive Group thousands of dollars with accuracy of her work. My General Motors area managers never have a problem with her work. I would highly recommend Jupiter Warranty to anyone needing their services.

Jim Maloney | Service Manager | Fladeboe Automotive Group

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